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Fanpoint Privacy Policy Hana Mobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or "Fanpoint") will comply with the personal information protection regulations of relevant laws and regulations that the information and communication service providers must comply with, such as the Communications Privacy Protection Act, Telecommunications Business Act, the Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection Act. We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of users by establishing a privacy policy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. 1. Items of personal information to collect and collection methods A. Items of personal information collected First, the company collects personal information such as the following when signing up for membership, smooth customer consultation, and various services. - IP address, mobile phone number, email address, nationality, sex, date of birth, country code, physical address, etc. Second, the following information may be generated and collected during the use of the service. - Device ID, user reserve fund, user code, cookie, session, date and time of visit, service use record, bad use record, etc. B. How to collect personal information Company will collect personal information in the following ways. - Automatic collection by running or using a Fanpoint program - Collection through voluntary provision of users during service subscription or use 2. Purposes of collection and use of personal information A. Providing the basic functions of the Fanpoint - Fanpoint user’s email address will be registered when you sign up and use it for user authentication and password recovery. - Fanpoint allows you to get your cell phone number when you sign up through the awards app and use it for user authentication and personal identification. - Fanpoint collects and stores your device ID when you sign up and uses it for personal identification. B. Providing payment settlement contents according to contract implementation and service provision, providing customized service, sending goods delivery or invoice, self-certification, purchase and payment, payment collection C. Membership Management Use of membership service and personal verification, identification, prevention of unauthorized use of fraudulent members (Permanent Suspended Member pursuant to Article 19 paragraph 1 due to the violation of Fanpoint Terms and Conditions Article 11 paragraph 1 (1), or (12)), confirmation of enrollment, restriction of the number of enrollment and subscription, confirmation of legal representative's consent when collecting personal information of children under 14 years old, further confirmation of legal representative, preservation of records for dispute settlement, complaint handling, notice delivery, etc. D. Use for new service development and marketing • advertising Development of new services and provision of customized services, provision of services and advertisement posting according to statistical characteristics, validation of service, provision of event and advertisement information and participation opportunity, identification of access frequency, statistics on member's service utilization 3. Sharing and providing personal information Company shall use the personal information of the users within the scope of "2. Purpose of collecting personal information and purpose of use" and use it beyond the scope without prior consent of the user, or in principle disclose the user's personal information to outside. However, there are exceptions as follows. - When users agree to release in advance - In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, or if it is requested by the investigation agency according to the procedures and methods prescribed in the Act. 4. Handling consignment of Personal Information Company is not currently handling consignment of personal information. However, in order to improve the service in the future, personal information may be entrusted. In such case, we observe relevant laws and regulations, such as clearly notifying the user of the consignment processing agency, business contents and the retention and use period of personal information. 5. Retention and use period of personal information In principle, the personal information of the user is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using the personal information is achieved. However, the following information will be retained for the period specified below for the following reasons. ㅇ Preservation items: e-mail address, nationality, sex, date of birth, login ID, device ID, mobile phone number, residence area, payment record, secondary entry UV record due to user, list of affiliated content usage, SNS connection record, etc. A. Reason for holding information by company internal policy - Fraud use history Reason for retention: Prevention of fraud Retention period: 1 year B. Reason for holding information by relevant laws If it is necessary to preserve the information in accordance with relevant laws such as the Commercial Act, the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc., company keeps the member information for a certain period as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations. In this case, the company will only use the information for the purpose of keeping it, and the period of preservation is as follows. - Records on contract or withdrawal of contracts, etc. Reason for Retention: Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. Retention period: 5 years - Record of payment and goods supply Reason for Retention: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc. Retention period: 5 years - Records of consumer complaints or disputes Reason for Retention: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc. Retention period: 3 years - Record of identity verification Reason for Retention: Act on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection Retention period: 6 months - Records of visits Reason for Retention: Communication Confidentiality Protection Act Retention period: 3 months 6. Procedures and methods of personal information destruction The personal information of the user is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using the personal information is achieved. The procedure and method of destroying personal information of the company are as follows. A. Destruction procedure - The information entered by the user for membership etc. is transferred to a separate DB(in case of paper, a separate document case) after the purpose is achieved and is stored for a certain period of time according to the internal policy and other related laws and regulations. (See the period of retention and use). - This personal information will not be used for any other purpose other than those held by law. - Personal information of a user who has not used for more than one year is destroyed in order to protect the personal information of the user. However, company will notify the user by e-mail, telephone or similar method until 30 days before destruction of the long-term unused personal information. B. Destruction method - Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredder or by incineration. - Personal information stored in an electronic file format is deleted using a technical method that cannot be recovered. 7. Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercise them - 이Users and legal representatives may retrieve or revise the personal information of self or user of under 14-year-old and request to withdraw the registration. - In order to retrieve or modify the personal information of the user or children under the age of 14, click “log in”, for view, modify or withdraw the registration(or agreement), click “withdraw membership” in the service. - You can also contact us by letter, phone or email to the person in charge of personal information management and we will take action without delay. - If a user requests correction of an error in personal information, it will not be used or provided until the correction is completed. Also, if wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the third party without delay and process to modify it. - Company will treat personal information that has been terminated or deleted at the request of the user or legal representative as described in "5. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information" and is prohibited from being viewed or accessed for any other purpose. 8. Matters concerning installation/operation and refusal of automatic collection of personal information To generate account information, the company automatically collects the IP address when the user runs the Fanpoint program. If a user refuses for the automatic collection of IP addresses, use of Fanpoint is not possible. 9. Technical/administrative protection measures of personal information In handling personal information of users, company takes the following technical/administrative measures to ensure the safety of personal information so that it is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged. A. Measures against hacking The company is doing its best to prevent leakage or damage of personal information of members from hacking or computer virus. In order to prevent personal information from being damaged, we are backing up the data from time to time. We use the latest vaccine program to prevent users' personal information or data from being leaked or damaged and to securely transmit personal information on the network through encrypted communication. We use intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from the outside, and try to have all possible technical measures to ensure security of systems. B. Minimization of handling staff and staff training Company's personal information handling staff is limited to the person in charge. A separate password is assigned to the person in charge, and the information is periodically updated. It is constantly emphasized the importance of complying with the Fanpoint Privacy Policy through frequent training. C. Operation of personal information protection organization In addition, through the in-house personal information protection organization, we check the implementation of the Fanpoint personal information policy and compliance with the person in charge so that we can correct and rectify any problems immediately. However, company does not hold any responsibility for any problems caused by leakage of personal information due to user negligence or technical issues on the Internet. 10. Contact of personal information management officer and person in charge You may report any privacy complaints that may arise as a result of your use of company's services to the person in charge of personal information management or your department. Company will respond promptly to the users' complaints. ○ Person in charge of personal information management - Name: Song, Gil Young - Position: Representative - Phone: 010-9219-5565 - Email: plan@hanamobile.com 11. Notification obligation If there is addition, deletion or modification of contents of the current Privacy Policy, it will be notified at the "Notice" screen on the Fanpoint website or Fanpoint service at least seven days before the effective date. Privacy Policy Notice/Effective Date: October 12, 2017
Fanpoint Service Terms and Conditions Article 1 [Purpose) These Terms and Conditions are intended to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of Company and its members, and other necessary matters related to the use of Fanpoint Service provided by Hana Mobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) Article 2 (Definitions) Definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows. ① “Service” means the Fanpoint service that “member” can use regardless of the terminal implemented. (including various wired and wireless devices such as PC, TV, and portable terminal) ② “Member” means a customer who accesses Company's “Service” and enters into a use agreement with “Company” pursuant to these Terms and uses the “Services” provided by Company. ③ “ID” means the combination of letters and numbers designated by “Member” and approved by “Company” for the identification of “Member” and “Service”. ④ “Paid service” means various online digital contents (including various information contents, VOD, and other paid contents) and services provided by Company for a fee. ⑤ The term “post” means articles, photographs, videos, various files, and a link, etc. in the form of information such as codes, letters, voices, sounds, images, and videos posted by “members” in use of “service”. ⑥ “Points” means points that can be used to purchase affiliated content in accordance with the regulations set by Company. They are used for the affiliated contents and are not worth the goods. Article 3 (Publication and Amendment of Terms) ① “Company” publishes the terms of this Agreement in the Fanpoint Service Help or Settings for easy access by “Members”. ② “Company” may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as “Act on Regulation of Terms”, “Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection (hereinafter, “Information and Communications Network Act”)”. ③ If “Company” amended the Terms of Use, the applicable date and the reasons for the revision shall be specified and notified from the 30th day before the effective date of the amendment to the day before the effective date. However, in case of amendment of the terms unfavorable to the member, we will notify the member through electronic means such as e-mail, text message, and consent window when signing in for a certain period of time. ④ Even if Company has clearly announced or notified its intention, if Company does not make a declaration within 30 days period by announcing or notifying the revised Terms pursuant to the preceding paragraph, in the event that the member has not clearly expressed his intention of denial, the member shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended terms. ⑤ If the member does not agree to the application of the revised terms, the company cannot apply the contents of the revised terms, and in this case, the member can cancel the contract. However, if there is any special circumstance where the existing terms cannot be applied, the company may terminate the use contract. Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms) ① “Company” may have separate terms and policies for “Paid Services” and individual services, and if the contents conflict with these terms, “Terms for Paid Service Terms, etc.(hereinafter, “paid service terms, etc.)” shall precede. ② Any matters not expressly set forth in these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be subject to "Paid Service Terms, Etc." and related laws or practices. Article 5 (Contract for Use) ① The user contract shall be finalized when the person who wishes to become a "member"(hereinafter referred to as "service applicant") agrees to the contents of the contract at the time of execution of the service client for the first time, by completing the process of certifying the user and entering the name of the user. It is concluded by applying for membership and “Company” accepting the application. ② “Company” shall, in principle, approve the use of the "Service" for the application of the "Applicant". However, “Company” may not approve or cancel the use contract after the following application. 1. If the applicant has previously lost his/her membership in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Provided, however, that this shall not apply in cases where “Company” has obtained approval for renewal of membership. 2. When using the name of someone else 3. Modifying UDIDs by hacking mobile phones and using Fanpoints with multiple accounts 4. If false information is provided or the contents of “Company” requested are not filled out 5. If a child under the age of 14 has not obtained the consent of a legal guardian (such as a parent). 6. If the application is not approved due to the user's fault, or if the application violated matters of other regulations ③ In the application under Paragraph 1, "Company" may ask for the verification of the real name through the specialized agency according to the type of "Member" and the identity verification. ④ "Company" may defer the acceptance in the case that there is no room for service related facilities, technical or business problems. ⑤ If the applicant fails to consent to the application for membership pursuant to Paragraphs 2 and 4, “Company” shall, in principle, inform the applicant of the application. ⑥ "Company" can classify "members" according to company policy by grade, and differentiate their use by subdividing the usage time, number of uses, and service menu. ⑦ "Company" may restrict the "Members" of the use in accordance with ratings and age for the purpose of compliance with the "Act on the Promotion of Movies and Videos" and the "Youth Protection Act". Article 6 (Change of Member Information) ① "Member" can view and modify his/her personal information at any time through the "Settings" screen in the service. However, it is not possible to modify ID, nickname, etc. which are necessary for service management. ② "Member" must notify “Company” of the change by e-mail or other means online if the items listed at the time of membership application change. ③ "Company" shall not be responsible for the disadvantage caused by not notifying “Company” of the changes in Paragraph 2. Article 7 (Obligation to protect personal information) "Company" strives to protect the personal information of "members" as stipulated by related laws such as "Information and Communications Network Act". The protection and use of personal information will be governed by the relevant laws and the company's privacy policy. Article 8 (Obligations for the Management of "Membership" "ID") ① The responsibility for the management of the "ID" of "member" belongs to "member" and should not be used by a third party. ② The use of “ID” may be restricted if there is a concern that the "ID" of the "Member" may leak personal information, or may be misleading as an operator of the "Company". ③ "Member" shall immediately notify "Company" and follow the instructions of "Company" if it is recognized that "ID" is stolen or used by a third party. ④ In case of Paragraph 3, "Company" shall not be responsible for the disadvantage caused by member not following the guidance of "Company" even if it is previously notified, or if the "Member" does not notify the company. Article 9 (Notice to “Members”) ① When "Company" notifies the "Member" of the service, e-mail address and text message shall be used, unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions. ② "Company" may substitute for the notification in Paragraph 1 by posting on the "Website" of the "Company" or the "Notice" screen of the Service for 7 days or more in case of notice to the whole "Members". Article 10 (Obligation of "Company") ① "Company" shall not engage in any act that is prohibited by these laws and these Terms and Conditions, and endeavor to provide "service" continuously and reliably. ② "Company" shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that "member" can use "service" safely and disclose and observe the privacy policy. ③ "Company" shall deal with any opinions or complaints raised by “Member” in connection with the use of the Service, if it is considered to be fair. For comments or complaints submitted by "Member", bulletin board or e-mails will be used to notify "members" of the handling process or the results. Article 11 (Obligations of Members) ① "Member" shall not do any of the following acts. 1. Registration of false information in application or modification 2. Information piracy of others 3. Change of information posted by "Company" 4. Collecting personal and account information of other members. 5. Modifying UDIDs by hacking mobile phones and using Fanpoints with multiple accounts 6. Access to more than 2 Fanpoint IDs to make duplicate app downloads (purchase) in one market (Google Play, App Store, T Store, etc.). 7. Use of transmitting advertising information for commercial purposes without prior consent of “Company”. 8. To copy, decompile, or imitate any other services through reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly and all other processing. 9. Acts that interfere with the normal service of Company by causing a load on the server of the "Company" by using the service with abnormal usage such as the automatic connection program, etc. 10. To grant access to a third party other than membership owner 11. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of "Company" and other third parties 12. Damage to, or disrupt the work of, “Company” or any other third party 13. Disclosing or posting any obscene or violent messages, images, voices, or other information contrary to the Eastern or the Western culture in the “Service”. 14. Use "Services" for profit purposes without the consent of “Company”. 15. Taking profits by tricking others with false information 16. Other illegal or unlawful acts ② "Member" shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, Usage Guidelines and notices notified in relation to the "Service" and "Company", and shall not engage in other activities that interfere with the work of "Company". Article 12 (Provision of "Services") ① Company provides the following services to its members. 1. Service to charge designated reserve fund (cyber money) by "Company" through the service when purchasing paid and free apps 2. "Member" uses a reserve fund (cyber money) to purchase gift or make a gift application using paid apps, exchange a gift, or trade into cash 3. Service to inform friends by using social network service (SNS) 4. Any other services that the "Company" may further develop or provide to "Members" through partnership agreements with other companies ② Company may set the "service" into a certain range and specify the available time for each range separately. However, in such cases, the contents will be announced in advance. ③ "Service" is provided 24 hours a day, all year round. ④ "Company" may temporarily suspend the provision of the "Service" if there is a maintenance, replacement or breakdown, loss of connection, or operational reasons of the device and communication equipment such as a computer. In this case, "Company" will notify "Member" in the manner as described in Article 9 [Notice to Members]. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that “Company” cannot notify in advance, it may be notified afterwards. ⑤ "Company" may carry out periodic inspection if necessary for the provision of services, and the periodical inspection time shall follow the notification on the service provision screen. ⑥ “Service" is available by subscribing to one account per device. ⑦ "Company" may limit the addition and use of reserve fund (cyber money) when providing services, and the limits of use are as follows. 1. Number of counts or hours of service use by “Member” 2. Current reserve fund or accumulated reserve fund held by "Member" 3. Information on "members" collected by other companies Article 13 (Change of "Services") ① "Company" shall not be liable for any loss or damage to its operations or technical needs if there are other reasons such as difficulty in providing smooth services due to a decrease in use and deterioration of profitability, necessity of conversion to next generation service due to technological progress, you may change or discontinue any or all of the "Services" provided to you. ② "Company" may modify, suspend or change any or all of the services provided free of charge according to company's policies and operational needs. Company will not make any compensation to the "member" unless there is a special regulation in this law. ③ If there is a change or service interruption with respect to the content, method, or time of “Service”, the content, reason and date of the service to be changed or discontinued shall be notified in a sufficient manner the member can recognize such as "Company", "Website" or "Notice" screen of service or other push notification message before the change or interruption in advance with sufficient time. Article 14 (Provision of Information and Publication of Advertisements) ① “Company” may provide various kinds of information that the “Member” considers necessary during the use of the “Service” to the Member by means of the “Notice”, Fanpoint Service Screen, Push Notification Message, E-mail, etc. However, "Member" may refuse to receive the above information at any time, except for information related to transactions and replies for the customer inquiries. ② "Company" may put up advertisement on the Fanpoint service screen, push notification messages, and homepage in connection with the operation of the "Services". Article 15 (Copyright of "Posting") ① The copyright of the "posting" posted by the "member" in the "service" belongs to the author of the post. ② The "Company" must obtain the consent of the "Member" in advance through telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. in order to use the "posting" of "member". Article 16 (Management of "Posting") ① If the "posting" of the "member" includes contents that are in violation of related laws such as "Information Network Act" and "Copyright Act", the right holder may request deletion of the "posting", and "Company" shall take action in accordance with applicable laws. ② "Company" may take temporary measures against the "posting" in accordance with the relevant law if there is a reason to be recognized for infringement or violation of other company policies or related laws even if there is no request by the right holder pursuant to the preceding paragraph. ③ The detailed procedures under this section shall be subject to the procedures set by "Company" within the scope of the "Information Communication Network Act" and "Copyright Act". Article 17 (Ownership of Rights) ① Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights in "Service" belong to "Company". However, the “posting” of “member” and copyright provided according to the partnership agreement are excluded. ② All trademarks, service marks, logos, etc. related to the services provided by “Company” including the design of the services provided by “Company”, the texts, scripts, graphics created by “Company”, and other intellectual property such as copyright, service mark, logo rights are owned by “Company”, or ownership or license belong to “Company” under the laws of the Republic of Korea and foreign countries. ③ "Member" does not own the "Service" or copyright of the "Service", but just permitted to use “Service” from “Company”, so “Service” may be used by "Member" in the form provided for informational purposes or for personal use only. ④ "Member" may not copy or distribute any text, script, or transfer function between "member" created by “Company”, including use, copy, or distribute "member" status information obtained through the Service for commercial purposes, except for expressly permitted contents. ⑤ Regarding the service, "Company" only grants to the "Member" a right to use the account, "ID", contents, etc. in accordance with the terms and conditions set by "Company". Article 18 (Cancellation of a contract, membership, etc.) ① The "Member" may apply for termination of the use contract at any time through the "withdrawal of membership" function in the service, and "Company" shall deal with it promptly as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations. ② When "member" terminates the contract, all data of "member" will be deleted immediately after termination, unless "Company" holds the member information in accordance with the related laws and the privacy policy. ③ In the event that "Member" terminates the contract, all reserves charged by "Member" will be deleted and no additional compensation will be given to the Member. Article 19 (Point Expiration) ① If there is an error in accumulating points, the member must apply for correction to the company within 90 days from the occurrence of the error, and company may make adjustments within 90 days of the member's application for correction. ② Company is responsible for managing and operating the points that advertisers give to their members. Therefore, if there is a settlement problem between the advertiser and the company, or if it is impossible for the advertiser to pay, due to occasion such as bankruptcy, the points awarded to the member may be canceled and the advertiser is responsible for it. ③ If you cancel a point already earned in accordance with paragraph 2 of this article, company may provide the member with a point equal to 10% of the canceled point for the service to the member as a reward point. ④. If a member does not use the service for a period of 12 months, the points previously earned by the member may automatically expire. Article 20 (Restrictions on use, etc.) ① "Company" may restrict the use of the "Services" by “Member” in a step-by-step manner by warning, temporary pause, or permanent pause if the obligations of this agreement is interfered with the normal operation of the Service. ② Despite the preceding paragraph, “Company” can immediately suspend the user account in case of theft of name, payment method and telephone that violates the "Resident Registration Act", theft of illegal programs and operation that violate the "Copyright Act" and "Computer Program Protection Act" and cases that violates applicable law such as illegal communication and hacking, distributing malicious programs, override access. In the event of suspension of the permanent use pursuant to this paragraph, all benefits acquired through the use of “Service” will also be terminated and “Company” will not compensate for it. ③ "Company" may limit its use for the protection of member information and the efficiency of its operation, provided that the "Member" does not log in for more than three months. ④ Within the limits of the use of this section, the terms and conditions of the restrictions shall be as set forth in the usage restriction policy of “Company”. ⑤ In the event of restricting or terminating the use of “Service” under this section, “Company” will notify you in accordance with Article 9 [Notice to “Member”]. ⑥ "Member" may file an objection in accordance with the procedure set by the "Company" with regard to restrictions on use under this section. If the "Company" acknowledges that the objection is justified at this time, the "Company" immediately resumes use of the "Service". Article 21 (Limitation of Liability) ① "Company" is exempted from liability for the provision of the "Service" if it cannot provide the "Service" due to natural disasters or force majeure. ② "Company" shall not be liable for any obstacle to the use of the "Service" due to the cause of the "Member". ③ “Company" shall not be held liable for the contents of information, data, facts, credibility, accuracy, etc. posted by "member" in relation to "service". ④ "Company" shall be exempted from liability if it makes transactions through "Service" between "Members" or between the third parties. ⑤ "Company" shall not be liable for the use of the services provided free of charge unless there are special regulations in the relevant laws. ⑥ "Company" does not have any obligation or responsibility to monitor the contents and quality of products or services advertised through third-party service screens or linked websites. ⑦ "Company" and employees and agents of "Company" are not responsible for damages arising from the following; 1. Losses from the failure or inaccurate use of “Member” status information 2. Access to “Services” and personal damages arising out of access to “Service”, regardless of their nature and cause 3. Loss from any illegal access by third party to the server or unauthorized use of server 4. Damages arising from any illegal interference or interruption of third party's transmissions to or from the server 5. Damages caused by any viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs that have been illegally transmitted, distributed, or set up to be transmitted or distributed by a third party using “Service” 6. Damage caused by errors or pass, omissions, or destruction of transmitted data 7. Civil liability for any defamation or other illegal acts that occur during the registration of "member" status information between "Members" and use of "Service" Article 22 (Overseas Use) "Company" provides and manages "Services" based on servers installed in the Republic of Korea. Accordingly, "Company" does not guarantee the quality or usability of "Service" if the "Member" intends to use the Service outside of the territory of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, "Member" shall decide whether to use "Service" outside of the territory of the Republic of Korea in accordance with his own judgment and responsibility, and in particular, “Member” is responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations in the course of using “Service”. Article 23 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction) ① Any lawsuit filed between "Company" and "Member" shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea. ② In case of a dispute arising between "Company" and "Member", the court in the civil action law shall be the court of competent jurisdiction. Addendum 1. These Terms will be effective October 12, 2017.